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A Final Touch, Staging + Design is here to help you with all your home staging needs.  Whether it be just an initial consultation, decluttering and staging an occupied home, or full service staging on a vacant home, we can find the right package for you to get your home looking its absolute best.

Initial Consultation

Initial Consultation includes a 1 hour walk through of your house with you and/or your realtor. I will take photos, provide you with a score based on the National Standardized Scoring System, and will also provide you with a complete report for what needs to be done to get your house ready to be put on the market.

Occupied Homes

On occupied homes, I will help you declutter and stage your home.  The decluttering package includes a 1 hour consultation + 3-5 hours staging service with existing furniture.  Pricing will vary based on the square footage of the home.  Consultation $100.

Vacant Homes

Full Service Staging includes space planning, furnishing & accessory design, and installation/removal of furniture and accessories.

The home must be vacant for installation.  Pricing will vary based on the square footage of the home.  Free Consultation.

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